Branch 164

Branch 164 Executive

President: Jack Esselment

1st Vice: Dave Szczesniak

2nd Vice: Gil Proulx

Secretary: Dale Szczesniak

Treasurer: Karen McMurchy

Sgt. at Arms: Mike Curley

Membership: Patsy Esselment

Sports: Pat Legault

Youth & Education: Lise Richard

Service Officer: John Bradley

Executive Committee:

Lise Richard

Art Crossman

Doug Vanderburg

Pat Legault

Mike White

Marg Long

Grace Draper

Don “Silver” Long

Shawn Blacklock

Patsy Esselment


The Charter Members were Rev, M.J. Aiken, Dr. J.F McCracken, Bert Brooks, Dan Hunt, Bill Fewster, Harry Cuff, Bill Jones, A.M Leng, Bill Ferris, Scott Laidlaw, Brock Mattice, H.A Deem, F.W. Crain, A.E Alexander and Charles Stallwood.  The Branch ceased to function in 1932.

The returning veterans of World War 11 applied and received the original Charter in 1945, holding meetings again in the Parish Hall of All Saints, and shortly thereafter, moving to the Hagersville Armouries (now the Hagersville Community Centre).  The aim of the revised Branch was to have their own building. 

Honor and Remember

After two years of volunteer work and money raising, the members were able to purchase a building lot on Alma Street North in Hagersville from W.E (Bill) Jones in 1947.  The foundation was dug with pick and shovel by the youthful members and the first turkey raffle was held on the gravel floor of the nearly completed building in 1947.  On Thanksgiving weekend in 1948 the new home, located at 5 Alma Street North, was dedicated.

Branch No. 164 has had to enlarge the original building; it now has both a spacious club room and a catering hall.  On March 12, 1974, it became Hagersville (Ontario No. 164) Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion due to a name change.,

The Ladies Auxiliary to Branch No. 164 is quite busy catering to birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties.  The hall is also used for Branch dances,.  The Friendship Club (senior citizens) also hold a weekly get together in the hall and as well, weekly card parties are held on a regular basis.  In addition, the hall is provided free of charge to a number charitable organizations without a meeting place.

Ladies Auxiliary

President:   Lucille Burgess

1st Vice: Marilyn Vecero

2nd Vice: Deb Donovan

Treasurer:  Betty Baird

Sgt. at Arms:  Donna Slote

Sports:  Patty Bradley


Deb Donovan

Donna Slote

Executive Committee:

Laura MacDougall

Laura Best

Toylene Chun

Patty Bradley

Cecile Walker